11 يناير 2017

The Best & Top 10 Forex Brokers for Beginners

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If you know the basics of foreign currency exchange or forex trading, also known as FX trading, and want to give it a try, there’s more to learn than you might expect .

It’s best to have an idea of what you’re doing before you put live currency to the test.

 The first step is to choose a reputable forex broker that offers educational tools and resources for beginning traders.

A few US-based forex brokers are listed below, in order of the minimum deposit required to start forex trading.

With most brokers you will find 24/5 or 24/7 live chat assistance and all offer free educational resources on their respective websites.

Once you’re ready to roll, you can trade on a computer, tablet, or even smartphone.

The Best & Top 10 Forex Brokers for Beginners

  • 1- options Xpress

    • Practice Account: $25,000
    • Minimum Deposit: None

A forex broker since 2001, optionsXpress offers live or recorded webinars by their educational team, live in-person workshops, The Insider newsletter and blog collective, as well as the XPRESSO and XPOUND newsletters.

  • 2- OANDA Corporation

    • Practice Account: Unlimited
    • Minimum Deposit: None .... READ MORE

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